What to eat in Budva?

Local Seafood

If you are wondering what to eat in Budva, any good restaurant should have fresh and local seafood to offer. This should be your number one decision because Montenegro also has great wines to combine with your seafood dish.

Our restaurant is based on preparation of fish, different types of shrimps, squids and shellfish by traditional Montenegrin and Mediterranean cuisine. Crabs and clams, grilled octopus, squid and shrimp doesn’t make our menu special and unique, but the fact we prepare local seafood fresh out of Adriatic sea, makes us authentic to the roots of local cuisine, and it has been like that for more than 23 years.


Main dishes by Montenegrin cuisine

For the lovers of traditional cuisine, we offer a la carte dishes, barbecue meals, steaks, roasts and various kinds of ready meals, accompanied stews by the recommendations of the chef and wishes of our customers. The flavors of traditional Balkan cuisine will make your visit to our restaurant striking.



According to our tradition from the north, in our restaurant, you’ll be served with best cheeses and meat products for which Montenegro is known. Appetizers will be spiced up with local olives, seafood salads, and if you're a fan of hot starters, you will have the opportunity to try the various types of fish soup, cream soups, and various spaghettis.



If you are a lover of a light, refreshing meals, in our restaurant you can enjoy dozens of different salads, form the famous Caesar to Serbian, Shopska or Greek salads. Fresh and tasty, seasonal, local and organic, our salads make the perfect addition to your main meal or seafood dishes.



In accordance with Mediterranean tradition, in our restaurant, you can try all known types of pizzas, but also some completely new tastes. Our recommendation - pizza "Lim" which has an ingredient of Budva in it.



For the end of an exciting culinary adventure, we recommend that you try some of our desserts: fresh fruit, ice cream, fruit salad, sweet pancakes, homemade cakes...